The Achievements
Like valedictorian, the highest award you can get.
Award of
Not easy to come by, you were voted most likely to succeed.
Like valedictorian, the highest award you can get.
Award of
A great achievement, deserving of high praise and approval.
The Categories
The jocks, the nerds, the beatniks, the AV Club, the daydreamers. Where do you fit in?
  • Branded Entertainment
    Is it entertainment? Is it marketing? If it’s good, no one is the wiser, right?
  • Influencer Marketing
    They’re the first in line to the right audiences, putting their reputations to good use.
  • User-Generated Content
    The audience helped make it. You gave it a home and a voice.
  • Digital/Social Contest
    Who doesn’t like a good contest? Especially when it turns fans into customers.
  • Cinematography
    Beautiful shots, done by beautifully talented people, to make a point.
  • Experiential
    You’re no wallflower. You created a unique experience for people to connect face-to-face with your brand.
  • Direct Response
    You need immediate feedback on a job well done. And you got it!
  • Identity Design
    It isn’t just a logo. It’s that calling card that makes people stand up and notice.
  • Illustration
    Who said all that doodling in class was a waste of time?
  • Student Work
    It’s OK. No need to be shy. Enter your work, let’s see what you’ve got.
  • Interactive User Design
    You know how to make digital beautiful on the eyes and easy on the user.
  • App Design
    From utilities to brands doing their thing—is your app making a difference?
  • Motion Design & Animation
    It’s MAGIC. Actually, it’s incredibly talented folk who make beautiful designs and animation.
  • Multi-Channel Campaign
    You probably got along with all the cliques.
  • Audio
    The star of the Glee Club.
  • Online Advertising
    The stuff you just gotta click—and can’t ignore.
  • E-mail Marketing
    The marketing that goes right to the top of the inbox, not the spam folder.
  • Out of Home / Environmental Advertising
    The best of billboards and beyond, in the great outdoors.
  • PR
    It’s no secret—and you made it that way.
  • Package Design
    You were voted best dressed in high school, weren’t you?
  • Poster Design
    You’ve certainly graduated from the early poster board and marker creations hanging in the school hallways.
  • Photography
    Images that make marketing magical.
  • Print Advertising
    Flip the page, get engaged with the best of print.
  • Print Collateral
    No recycle bin for these gems.
  • Product Design
    Tangible, tactile—all yours and it’s fabulous.
  • Retail/In-Store/POS
    Like a consumer magnet, drawing them to the land of “buy me.”
  • Typography
    The gorgeous language of letters, numbers, and so much more.
  • Television (Under $50K Budget)
    Level the playing field.
  • Television ($50K–150K Budget)
    Made of heart and hustle.
  • Television (Over $150K Budget)
    You’ve made the big leagues, kid.
  • Websites/Interactive Rich Media (Under $50K Budget)
    You really connect well with others.
  • Websites / Interactive Rich Media (Over $50K Budget)
    The world is your oyster.
  • Self-Promotion
    You’ve mastered the art of the selfie.
  • Responsive Design
    It morphs, it moves, it’s outstanding.
  • Content Strategy
    Not just throwing content to the wind.
  • CMS Implementation
    You’ve got so much blackmail material—on everyone.
  • Editing
    You choose your words, and everything else, very carefully.
  • Corporate/Industrial Campaign
    The corporate ladder has never looked so good.
  • Public Service/PSAs
    Work that’s here to serve the greater good.
  • Web Video
    Every year is the “year of video.” Show us yours. B2B and B2C welcome.
  • Dead Work
    Never saw the light of day—and that’s a shame, isn’t it?
  • Media Planning
    You sure do get around!
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