Your work smell like Roses? Prove it.

For almost 60 years the Rosey Awards has recognized the best of Portland’s creative advertising. But if you want to join that list you're gonna have to show me you're worth taking to the Show. Because good work isn't good enough. I want great work. Dazzling work that wins hearts, changes minds, and kicks butt. Work that works harder than Lindsay Lohan’s therapist. Impossible? I think not. It's just that a girl's got to have her standards.

Welcome to the 2013 Rosey Awards.

I’m Rosey and this is my show.

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Meet Rosey

For one growing up in Oregon, Rosey's story really isn’t all that unique. Her parents moved around the state from job to job- elephant trainers, rodeo clowns, berry pickers, late night wrestling hosts. Even a stint as Tom Peterson's personal copywriter. But always struggling to make ends meet.

Until one day her mom ran off after falling in 'whole body love' with a Rashneeshie named Dan she had met at a Dalles salad bar. He told her he was ‘in pest control’ and she believed him.

However, life then began to get more challenging for Rosey.

Her father's pinot addiction got unwieldy. He'd spend hours in Pioneer Square decrying grape conspiracies. Or, just wandering Hawthorne begging for cork and looking in no way out of place.

Soon, he'd too disappear from her life. This time in the arms of a California developer with a British accent and penchant for Brooklyn.

She then went to live at her grandparent's estate bordering Washington Park. Grand Rosiarians, they had little time for their Rosey, preferring the company Shriners and actual roses.

When their 'alternative lifestyle' was uncovered by an upstart alternative weekly 'newspaper,' Rosey was on her own.

Like many wayward Portlanders, Rosey filled her days at Powell's devouring books and periodicals of all persuasions. And, like many wayward Portlanders, the subjects she kept coming back to were the abc’s of Stumptown’s identity: advertising, burlesque, and conspiracy.

Call it fate. Call it kismet. Call it what you will, but her instincts said these subjects were down right similar. Self congratulatory, prostitutional, and delusional, they in fact were all just different steps from the same dance.

To confirm her theories, Rosey threw herself into her subjects. Achieving a rare double tenure at Reed and PCC, she became a regionally recognized expert, oft cited in local media, car dealership promotions, or on stage at Mary's Club. Her acerbic wit, jaded outlook, and prim composure became a model for those inspired by the pleasure and pain of the Rose City. Those like Courtney Love, Storm Large, or Ann Romano.

Today, we honor Rosey's determination to better herself, to never give up, and to ruthlessly and subjectively judge herself against her peers. Because after all, that's why we're here, isn't it? That, and the drink tickets that come with admission.

(Follow me, now)

It's the 2013 Rosey Awards.

Step Up or Step Off.


Just so you know I’ll take series or individual executions for all categories.

Branded Entertainment

OMG, the client OKed your fun idea! Yay for ads that don’t feel like ads but are still ads! Show me your best games, videos, and whatever else you got.

Influencer Marketing

Building brand notoriety by giving cool people free stuff. Do you have a better way to influence folks? Let’s see it.

User Generated Content

And you thought agencies underpaid for creative inspiration. Let’s see just how creative you are with your digital panhandling.

Digital/Social Contest

If your contest just gives away free crap left over from a tradeshow, I’m not interested. If it’s original and creative, then let’s do it.


Your script’s overwritten. Your score drags. But damn, those tracking shots are smooth like butter.


You’ve got interactive display so engaging Timothy Leary can’t tune it out. Far out. Show me your best displays, kiosks, info booths, and whatnot.

Direct Response

But wait, there’s more! No there’s not. Direct mail, infomercials. Bring it.

Identity Design

Corporations must be individuals because they have identities, too! But if I see another set of crossed arrows, I’ll stick ‘em where the sun don’t shine.


I’m just dreamy for cats who can draw. They complete me.

Information Design

If your anal retentive nature can turn complex subjects into subway maps, enter away.

Interactive User Design

If one of you makes it easier for a gal to toggle through a site using only one hand, then I have a job for you.

App Design

Is your app so addictive people need an intervention? You can be my pusherman. That’s apps for utility, campaigns, and social causes.

Motion Design & Animation

Best. Eye-candy. Ever.

Multi-Channel Campaign

Your campaign may have the legs to extend across channels, but mine can stop traffic.


Alright Amadeus, play me your music, soundscapes, and radio spots. But I’m not looking for no easy listening. I’m talking eargasm, baby!

Online Advertising

OMG, that skyscraper, full-banner, pop-up, pop-under CHANGED MY LIFE. I’ve got to click here to learn more.

E-mail Marketing

So the difference between e-mail marketing and SPAM is what? This is for e-mail marketing campaigns, series, and landing pages that really click ass.

Out of Home / Environmental Advertising

Can your billboard distract drivers from their twitter feeds? I want to see it.

P.R. Hotness

Do you bring all the lads to the yard with your buxom PR? Wait, I think I misunderstood the name of this category…

Package Design

Show me your wonderfully well-designed package.


Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. So don’t.

Print Advertising

They say digital’s the death of print. Until then, only print work that’s killin’ it need apply.

Print Collateral

Why on earth would I want to pick up and read your POP brochures, post cards, flyers, etc...? Oh, because it's SO AWESOME I CAN’T KEEP MY HANDS OFF!

Product Design

Thank Gawd! Finally, someone who actually makes SOMETHING tangible.

Retail / In-Store / POS

Fixtures, kiosks, POPs, signage, and in-store banners that subvert my defenses and compel me to buy now. Damn you, well-merchandised environment!

Social Marketing

Hey, you figured out how to monetize your time wasting. Good for you!

Television (Under $50K Budget)

Go on. Make Tom Peterson proud. Reserved for :15, :30, and :60 sec spots that buzz.

Television ($50K-150K Budget)

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! Reserved for :15, :30, and :60 sec for middle range budgets.

Television (Over $150K Budget)

Big budgets don’t always mean big ideas. But for this category they do..


Your type is so beautiful people would rather frame it than read it. This means a) you’ve got skills, and b) you’re responsible for the dumbing of America.

Websites / Interactive Rich Media (Under $50K Budget)

Admit it, you’re just dressing up WordPress with some slick style sheets and glossy content. Perfect.

Websites / Interactive Rich Media (Over $50K Budget)

Commoners may call it a website, but you know you’ve crafted a digital portal into the future. Behold your greatness!

Digital Domination

Do you think your Digital Disco Stick measures up? If you got the Metrics, ROI, cross platform, cross channel, and cross medium to prove it, I’ll bow down!

Responsive Design

Browser compatibility is for beginners. Elegance across 10 different laptops, 8 tablets, and 605 styles of smart phones takes next level developer mojo. Show me your mojo.

Content Strategy

So you fancy yourself a puppet master pulling the strings of how and when we consume our digital content? I am so down with that, Maestro.

CMS Implementation

I feel nerdier just saying it. The real, social outcast kind. Not the trendy Doctor Who hobbyist kind.

Poster Design

Has there been a better poster since Farrah Fawcett’s? Yeah, mine. ;-)


You turned 170 hours of sun-flared blather into 3 minutes of broadcast gold. Good stuff, hot shot.

Corporate / Industrial Video

Show me those motivating internal videos that rally employees to overcome problems, to work harder than ever before, and to forget those pesky OSHA violations.

Corporate / Industrial Campaign

Go beyond the beauty shots of heavy machinery. Surpass the mess of B2B jargon. Dream of the Rosey and it could be yours!

Public Service / PSAs

Great work is my anti-drug. That, and methadone.


If you have a better idea than Doritos Locos tacos, I’ll nominate you for the Nobel Prize.

Web Video

It’s easier to contract something viral than it is to make it. Spread the love, I always say.


Sometimes your work blows up crazier than Amanda Bynes at a gas station. Yeah, I went there. If your work showed unexpected results, send it in.

Rules & Regulations

Entry Deadline

Call for entries has begun. Final deadline is Friday, October 4, 2013, by 5pm. Submit your entries online via this website


Work produced in Oregon and SW Washington, published, posted, or aired for the first time between June 1, 2012, and May 31, 2013. Work previously submitted for a Rosey Award is not eligible. Incomplete entries may be disqualified. No entries will be accepted after October 4, at 5pm.

Your entry must be legitimate (what does this mean?). It must be commissioned work created for a client with real marketing objectives in or on real media. Work created for the sole purpose of winning an award in the Rosey show is ineligible. All entries must be submitted digitally via this web site to be eligible for consideration (we should recommend formats for submission. It may seem painfully obvious but it won’t be for many).

All entries must have a title separate from the client name. It is the responsibility of the entrant, not PAF or the judges, to know specifically what work is submitted by each agency.


Judging procedures will be determined at the discretion of the Portland Advertising Federation in collaboration with pre-selected members of the creative community and the 2013 judges panel. A panel of nationally respected professionals will perform the judging. Individual judges will be responsible for selecting their own winners based on criteria established by the judging panel and PAF. Judges may choose not to present an award in some categories or conversely, multiple awards may be presented. The 2013 Rosey Judging Panel has complete discretion to move entries/submissions to categories that will show the work more favorably.


There are three levels of awards:

Rosey Award: the highest award from the competition. Rosey is widely coveted and not easily awarded.

Award of Excellence: while not as rare as a Rosey, are a superior accomplishment and well worth the bragging rights that accompany the honor.

Award of Merit: an award of merit is a valuable commodity. It is not uncommon for an Award of Merit to go on nationally and show very well at a larger shows (One Show, Hatch Awards, etc.)

The Rosey Award is presented at the Rosey Awards Show. The Award of Excellence and Award of Merit are given to the recipient after the evening of the show. The judges will collaboratively pick one Best of Show winner from all the entries.

Fees & Payments

Prices will be charged per entry based on current PAF member status. To check or renew your PAF status please contact [email protected]

PAF Member Non Member
Single entries: $75 $90
Campaign entries:
(2+ is an individual series or campaign)
$85 $95

All payments must be made via credit card using PayPal. Accepted credit cards through PayPal include VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. To be included in the Rosey Judging all payments must be made through PayPal. There will be no cash or check payment made. If you have any questions please contact the PAF office ([email protected] or 503.224.2623).

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get started?
  1. Create an account and a username and password. This is so you can log back in later and add more work, or edit your previous entries.
  2. Add projects. You can add single items or multiple pieces of a campaign.
  3. Review your submissions and check out. We accept PayPal.
What formats do you accept for my creative samples?
  • Images: JPEG, PNG or GIF not to exceed 2 MB each.
  • Video: A link to the video (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.)
  • Audio: A link to the audio file (Soundcloud, etc.)
  • Flash: SWF not to exceed 2 MB each.
Should my work be entered as a campaign or several singles?

The decision is yours. How does the work show at its best? Is it a stronger campaign on its own or as a group? Additionally, if you’d like to submit the same creative as a single and as a campaign you have that option. You also have the option of submitting the same work in different categories if you’re unsure where it will show best.

What if I want to enter the same campaign in multiple categories?

Go right ahead! Pick categories that apply to the pieces within your campaign.

I would like to sponsor this year's Rosey's with a large cash donation.

That is not really a question, but it is a most-welcome statement. There are some really cool ways to get involved in the show this year. Give Jamie Sexton a call, 503-224-2623 or email [email protected].

How can I get involved with the event?

If you would like to volunteer in event planning or at the event itself, please contact Jamie Sexton at 503-224-2623 or e-mail [email protected] she’d love to hear from you.

I have a question that isn't answered here. What gives?

Contact Jamie at 503-224-2623 or [email protected] with any other questions, we’ll figure them out.